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How Can You Tell If CBD Oil Is Legitimate?

by Bonnie Hagen 22 Feb 2022

Interested in trying CBD oil? CBD (cannabidiol) has shown significant promise in treating depression, chronic pain, anxiety, and so much more. CBD has exploded onto the marketplace in the past few years and many consumer studies have shown that the bulk majority of the products are mislabeled, have dangerous fillers added, or do not have any CBD at all! What this means for buyers is that you must shop smart and buy only legitimate CBD oil. How do you tell if CBD oil is legitimate, though?

Check the Hemp Growing Conditions

Hemp is what’s called a “super-accumulator”. What that means is the hemp plant readily absorbs anything in the surrounding soil where it grows. Yes, that means that it can easily absorb the nutrients it needs to flourish, but that could also mean absorbing potential toxins, like heavy metals, pesticides and herbicides. Make sure you’re buying from a company that grows their hemp naturally. Also make sure that whatever was grown on the land prior to the hemp being planted there was also grown naturally because if these toxins were used on prior harvests for other plants, they have accumulated in the soil and will be absorbed by the hemp plant even if no herbicides or pesticides were used on the hemp. How can you tell if your hemp has dangerous toxins in if, even if the hemp itself was grown organically? Ask the company you are buying from for a certificate of analysis (COA) which will tell you if there are any dangerous compounds in your formula.

It Shows the Amount of CBD Oil

Check the label on the product you’re considering. Most CBD products combine the CBD with a carrier oil such as hemp seed oil or coconut oil. Some CBD products have other additives such as flavorings. Check if the label shows the amount of CBD in the formula. If it doesn’t, don’t buy it. Even if it does show the amount, look for a certificate of analysis, or COA. This will tell you not just the amount of CBD in the product, but also whether there are other terpenes and cannabidiols in it that will offer even more benefits.

Consider the Extraction Method

Because there is no government regulation, manufacturers are free to use “cheap and dirty” extraction methods, including toxic solvents. Instead, look for companies that use a safe, proven extraction method, such as supercritical CO2 extraction or ethanol extraction. Once again, check the certificate of analysis to confirm that there are no residual toxic solvents such as benzene or hexane in the formulation.

The Price Is Too Good to Be True

Remember the old adage that says if something’s too good to be true, it probably is? Follow that mantra here, too. That doesn’t mean CBD can’t be affordable, but if it sounds like you’re getting an amazing, rock-bottom price, chances are good you’re not buying a quality product.


Finally, make sure that you’re buying a full-spectrum product. CBD isolates and broad-spectrum formulations have been shown to be less effective because they lack THC (< .3%), the driver of the “Entourage Effect” which increases the effectiveness of the healing benefits without causing intoxication.

In the end, you just need to pay attention to the manufacturer’s labeling, extraction method, formulation, and growing conditions. When you shop smart, you’ll find a manufacturer that offers peace of mind about the quality of your CBD products.


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