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Magnetism Basket

Magnetism Basket

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Before modern medicine, traditional healers created natural therapies that soothed aches and pains and boosted the immune system. Magnetism borrows from their wisdom with a soothing collection of cinnamon Bright Energy hemp extract with CBD, topical Bright Energy hemp extract with CBD salve, eucalyptus essential oil with CBD roll-on, and two magnetized copper bracelets, all designed to attract well-being and repel stress.

Basket Contents:

  • Bright Energy’s full spectrum hemp extract oral tincture contains CBD (cannabidiol) with essential oil of cinnamon. Many people report that CBD oil helps relieve pain, reduce anxiety and depression, foster restful sleep, and promote a feeling of well-being.
  • Our light and airy topical salve hemp extract with CBD (cannabidiol) is non-greasy and many people report 2 wonderful effects of using it: 1) their pain and inflammation is reduced and, 2) their skin texture is smooth and improved.
  • Bright Energy’s Eucalyptus Essential Oil with CBD (cannabidiol) roll-on is a wonderful, self-pampering gift that’s perfect while traveling or commuting. Apply to wrists, the nape of the neck, or behind the ears, with the easy and discrete roll-on dispenser.
  • Since ancient times, people have recognized the health benefits of copper adornment. Bright Energy added magnets to their attractive wrist bracelets to enhance their health benefits. Especially when paired with magnets, copper helps boost the immune system, relieve joint pain and stiffness, promote cardiovascular health, and aid in mineral absorption. Two bracelets are included in this basket.



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