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Why Doesn’t CBD Work for Me?

by Pankaj Kumar 07 May 2021

Given the attention that CBD is receiving these days, you would expect it to work wonders for everyone. However, more than a few people find that it does nothing at all when they try it. For those individuals, it can be a frustrating, daunting situation. Why doesn’t CBD work for them?


The Formulation

First, it may not be a problem with CBD itself, but with the formulation in question. It might not have very much CBD in it, for one thing. Some manufacturers include very little CBD, while others include less than the label claims. Check reviews from other customers and look for third-party lab test results to make sure that the product is on the up and up.


The Amount

It could also be that you’re not taking the right amount of CBD. Everyone has a different threshold dictated by factors like body weight and size, metabolism, and more. If you have started at a low level, begin increasing your dosage amount by 5 mg per week until you notice results.


Give It Time

Many people assume that CBD will offer instantaneous results for whatever they’re struggling with. However, while some people do see immediate relief from things like anxiety, others don’t see any results, particularly people suffering from chronic pain. For these individuals, it can take several weeks of using a CBD supplement to see a noticeable difference in pain levels.


Try a Different Form

You’ll find a host of CBD products on the market today, from oils to tinctures, topical applications, gummies, and more. Different options work for different people, so if you’re not seeing the results you want from one, consider trying something else to see if that does the trick. Many people find that switching from a low-bioavailability format like gummies (which have to go through the digestive system before they start working) to something like sublingual oil gives them better results.


In the end, CBD does work, but it does not operate in the same way for everyone. It takes time and a little strategy to find the right manufacturer, the right delivery system, and then the right dosage.

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