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What Medicine Should Not Be Taken with CBD?

by Pankaj Kumar 14 May 2021

CBD is an all-natural supplement derived from the hemp plant. That means it is considered largely safe for most people to use. However, there are some people who should speak with their doctor prior to taking CBD due to prescription medications. What medicines should not be taken with CBD?


Ongoing Research

It’s important to understand that research into CBD/medication interactions is still ongoing. So, there are few specific brands of medication that should be avoided. However, researchers have identified a wide range of medications that might be affected if you take CBD while using them.


The Grapefruit Rule

The humble grapefruit is a great source of vitamin C and other vitamins and minerals. It’s also all-natural, and perfectly suited for most individuals. However, it can be dangerous to many people on specific medications. This is because chemicals in the grapefruit affect the CYP450 family of enzymes in the body.


These enzymes are responsible for speeding up or slowing down drug metabolism. Eating just a little bit of grapefruit can cause drug metabolism to slow down enough that a medication builds to dangerous levels in the body, even just by taking your regular dose. In other instances, it can speed up the drug’s metabolism, meaning that it isn’t in your system long enough to do its job.

 Research shows that CBD has a similar effect on the CYP450 family of enzymes as grapefruit. So, the golden rule here is that if your medication has a “no grapefruit” stipulation, you should avoid taking CBD, at least until you’ve spoken with your doctor about the possible results. Which medications have this rule? It’s a pretty wide gamut of prescription meds, and includes the following:

  • Blood thinners
  • Cholesterol medications
  • Anticancer medications
  • Immunosuppressants
  • Anti-rejection medications
  • Heart rhythm medications
  • Depression and anxiety medications


These are just some types of medications that may react adversely to CBD. However, research is still ongoing and more studies must be conducted. While it is considered safe for most people, if you are on any prescription medication, it may be worth speaking with your doctor before taking a CBD supplement.

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